Fundraising / Charities


Do you have a school or athletic organization that you would like to raise money for?  Sell our tickets and earn 28.95% for your group.  Purchase 40 tickets for $ 270.00 ($ 6.75 each) and then sell the tickets for $ 9.50 each and earn a net profit of 28.95% for your organization.  We will buy back any unsold tickets for the purchase price of $6.75 each during the first week in November.

Fundraising tickets can be purchased here: 

Charities Fundraising

Frightmaze Productions is proud to support local non-profit charities by providing them the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the nightly ticket booth sales on a selected night.  For every "Scareactor" your charity provides on a select night, your charity will receive 5% of the ticket booth ticket sales up to 20% (4 "Scareactors"), more "Scareactors" are welcome but the max contribution to your charity is 20% .  Charity "Scareactors" will be required to go through the same background screening our regular actors but will not be eligible to participate in the "Scareactor" incentive program.  Charities will be expected to cross promote our Haunted Attraction on their social media sites and advertising outlets.

Charity fundraiser nights are limited to October 12 & 19, so please act quickly to reserve your night. Please contact us for more information or to select a night for your charity.