Authorization for Minor Child Participation

(Every volunteer YOUNGER than 18 needs to complete this in order to participate)



By ackowledging below, I hereby give authorization for my child (identified below) to participate in


all phases of implementation of the 2022 Frightmaze Productions / Cassadaga Haunted


Attraction. By signing this form, I understand and authorize the following:


• They must behave and perform accordingly, or they may be asked to leave.

• Unfortunately, we cannot provide any transportation for them on any night.

• There may be period of times that your child is not directly supervised.

• You are authorizing your child to help our attraction.

• We may take and use photos of the attraction that may contain your child.

• Our attraction may not be available by phone to answer questions about their presence or role with the attraction.

• Your child may be asked to dress in costume to play a role within the attraction. We do not yet know what this role may be.

Thanks for submitting!